1001224_617334484971763_695788565_nThe Autism Cares Foundation (ACF) was founded by the parents of a child with autism and other concerned parents, professionals and friends. The foundation was started as a means of helping others through the “puzzle” that is autism. At virtually every level, there are “twists and turns” in one’s attempt to reach the answers that many parents are seeking. As the founders discovered with their own child, answers are few, frustrations are many, and there are few places to turn to for answers.

It is the intention of the Autism Cares Foundation to assist in “unwinding” the twists and turns associated with navigating the system surrounding autism. The Autism Cares Foundation differentiates itself from other organizations raising funds for autism, as our funds provide direct benefit to the children and young adults afflicted with autism, helping to improve their life experiences today.

1530603_644952188876659_661769934_nBy supporting the Autism Cares Foundation, we can make a difference today that will provide those needing our help with a brighter tomorrow.

The Autism Cares Foundation is a Pennsylvania Non-Profit Corporation and a 501C3 charity.

A Letter From our Founders

Frank and Linda Kuepper
Co-Founders Autism Cares Foundation

Thank you to everyone who has participated in our many events!! Your support enables us to continue to offer the valuable life enrichment opportunities and programs that we provide to those on the autism spectrum free of charge. Your generosity is essential for us to continue this benefit, as the cost for caring for a loved one having autism can be substantial, and we never want cost to be an obstacle when a family is deciding whether to participate in a program that could benefit their loved one with autism..

Since its inception, Autism Cares Foundation has focused on providing life enriching opportunities that enable families to participate together in various activities.  We have developed a series of events, activities and programs spanning various age groups in an attempt to bring some type of typicality to what can be a challenging and somewhat unpredictable household situation.  This year, through your support, we will have delivered 150 such outings, spanning a wide range of interests and needs.

These opportunities have become viewed as essential opportunities within the autism community and we are grateful that we are able to fulfill this need.  Yet, there is an even greater need.  As today’s children grow older and turn in adults, the need for adult life skill and vocational training services becomes more pronounced.  And as parents and care-takers age, the need for respite services, permanent care and permanent residency become critical.

Autism Cares Foundation future plans call for developing our Autism Center of Excellence and Life Enrichment Facility.  There is a tremendous need for a facility such as this as waiting lists at existing facilities extend for many years, with no guarantee of future placement.  The Autism population in growing exponentially each year and presently there is no master plan for accommodating this expansive population.

At Autism Cares Foundation, we have been diligently working to address this issue and have met with Congressional and State leadership to solicit their input and support as well.  We are well into the process of developing our strategic plan to determine how and where the Autism Center of Excellence will be developed.  The issue of permanent care for this population group is no small task and will require the support of government, business, friends, family members and everyone else who is touched by this cause or who has a loved one on the autism spectrum.

While the task is daunting, the need is even greater.

We encourage your support and your assistance in turning this much needed facility, the Autism Center of Excellence, from a vision to reality.  No one can do this alone, every bit of support is essential, and we need to move swiftly.  The Autism Tsunami is already upon us, the action that we take in addressing this epidemic will define us and you are a key piece in this massive puzzle.  Together we can rally behind our plan and build the dream of a lifetime that will last for a lifetime and beyond for those needing his facility and our help.

So please contribute what you can;

Financial support – donations, individual fundraising efforts, etc. Volunteerism – assist in hosting our various activities

Talent – support us through your areas of expertise

And any other support that you think may bring us closer to our goals.

Everyone makes a difference,

            The difference is the difference you choose to make.


Linda & Frank Kuepper
Co-Founders Autism Cares Foundation
And our Board of Directors
Robert Currie, Marlene de la Cruz, Frank Kuepper, Linda Kuepper, Mary Pagel, Christine Paul, Steve Rusinko, Fred Sciascia.
Donate Now!
Donations may be made by check to:
Autism Cares Foundation
P.O. Box 180
Richboro, PA 18954

Or by credit card:

Autism Cares Foundation, Inc. is a registered nonprofit corporation in Pennsylvania and a 501c3 charity.

Upcoming Events
7:00 pm Bounce U- Horsham @ Bounce U- Horsham
Bounce U- Horsham @ Bounce U- Horsham
Apr 24 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Bounce U- Horsham @ Bounce U- Horsham | Horsham | Pennsylvania | United States
Click here to register for this event!
5:00 pm Burger Fundraiser @ The Hattery Stove & Still
Burger Fundraiser @ The Hattery Stove & Still
Apr 26 @ 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Burger Fundraiser @ The Hattery Stove & Still | Doylestown | Pennsylvania | United States
7:30 pm Fun Club 21+ @ Autism Cares Foundation Resources Center
Fun Club 21+ @ Autism Cares Foundation Resources Center
Apr 26 @ 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Fun Club 21+ @ Autism Cares Foundation Resources Center | Southampton | Pennsylvania | United States
7:00 pm FitLife Physical Fitness Program @ Fitlife Performance Training
FitLife Physical Fitness Program @ Fitlife Performance Training
Apr 27 @ 7:00 pm – Apr 27 @ 8:00 pm
FitLife Physical Fitness Program @ Fitlife Performance Training | Warminster | Pennsylvania | United States
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