Enriching the lives of those with disabilities today and building a better tomorrow.

Autism Cares Foundation strives to enhance the lives of those living with disabilities through enriching experiences, helpful resources, and building supports. We specialize in supporting families and communities.


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Autism Cares Foundation provides events and programs for everyone, from exercise to art to movies to dances and more.
Adult Services Program
The adult day program provides opportunities for adults with disabilities to explore their interests or build their skills in a relaxed facility or in their local community. This program is ideal for people that want to increase their social outings, try new hobbies, and attend civic activities.
Adult Services
Home & Community
Our staff provides individualized support and person-centered training to improve basic living, community, and social skills in their own homes and communities. Supports can include meal planning, money skills, personal safety, and transportation training.
Adult Services

ACF and You

Take a look at our video that showcases what Autism Cares Foundation has to offer. Hear directly from parents and participants to learn how Autism Cares Foundation has impacted their lives.

ACF Voices

Testimonial Video

Our families provide the most heartfelt reasons for why Autism Cares Foundation is important to them and their loved ones. Please take a moment to hear from some of the individuals and families we support.

“My daughter has not ventured out of the house in about a month. Showing her the pictures of past ACF dances and her memories of enjoying them, we were able to get her out to have some fun and exercise. Grateful for all you do.”

-Toni A.


“As I was registering Nicky for the June activities, I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for all of the amazing work of your organization. I know that Nicky thoroughly enjoys his activities and they have been a lifeline the past two years. I only wish we had found you earlier!!“

-Melanie S.


“I was only 10 years old when I went to my first Autism Cares Foundation event in 2008. Now I am 25 and I have been to hundreds of ACF events since then. Even during the crazy pandemic, Autism Cares Foundation has been there with virtual events like ACF Sings, Dance Parties, and Exercise with Amanda, I just love all of their programs. But my favorite thing is the many friends I have made because of Autism Cares Foundation!"

-Christina C.

ACF Participant

“The Autism Cares Foundation continues to be such a blessing in our lives. We are grateful for the opportunities this organization provides the autistic community of all ages. ACF is a wealth of resources and enriches the lives of others. They are supportive accepting and feels like an extended family. My child looks forward to participating and we are proud to support Autism Cares Foundation who has been a lifeline to us so thank you.”

-Valerie V.


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