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How do I sign up?

You will find the application link here. Those meeting the criteria will be invited to participate in a virtual or in person (upon request) assessment/interview to further determine eligibility.

How do you determine eligibility?

At this time, PEP has been designed for those individuals (age 18 and above) who demonstrate a higher level of independence within the community setting. Our goal is to continue to expand not only the course, club, and activity sections but offer these to a wider audience.

Why do I need to fill out an application?

PEP is a separate division of Autism Cares Foundation with different criteria. The PEP application form provides additional data that assists with future planning and research to expand the course, club, and activity selection with a focus on the interest of the community

How long are the programs, when will they meet?

Courses are 6-week sessions, meeting in the afternoon or evening for 60 to 90 minutes per session.

Clubs meet once a month from September to May. Times and locations are based on the curriculum.

Our Activities are individual outings/activities. Times and locations are based on the outing/activity.

Is there a cost?

PEP's courses, clubs and activities have fees and are private pay. Costs vary depending on the instruction and supplies needed for each course, club, or activity.

What happens after a course of club has ended?

We hope you will participate more! Our plans are to continually add to our course, club, and activity offerings.

Can I sign up for all of the programs offered?

Whatever fits into your schedule, and of course, availability. PEP will be small classes, clubs, and activities to assist in fostering relationships and friendships.

What if I can't attend all sessions of a course or club?

Ideally, we don't want anyone to miss any sessions or activities, however, we understand schedules, vacations and life happens. Registering and payment in full is for the entire program. There are no makeup classes or reimbursement after the course has begun

Is there a minimum or maximum number of participants?

Each program has a minimum number of participants needed to run.

The maximum number of participants per program is 12.

Getting Started