Pineville Tavern Holds BBQ Benefit for Four Local Charities

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“Pineville Tavern Holds BBQ Benefit for Four Local Charities”

The Pineville Tavern knows how to throw quite a party, and the owner and staff of this charming restaurant, are certainly able to use their caring hearts to celebrate.

On Sunday, the Pineville Tavern celebrated three major milestones with a community cookout and fundraiser to benefit four local charities.

Initially, the event was going to benefit one local charity as part of a social media contest, but the response was so overwhelming, the Pineville Tavern decided it couldn’t chose just one. Proceeds from the event are going to: Autism Cares Foundation, Kisses for Kyle, Athletes Helping Athletes, and Team Franky.

14045710_1191749660863573_5426335112189963053_nMore than 350 guests paid $25 for a delicious All-You-Can Eat BBQ of ribs, fried chicken, award-winning bacon burgers, baked beans and cole slaw, as well as lemonade and ice tea. Each charity will benefit from the proceeds collected from its supporters.

In addition to the scrumptious food, there was live music from The Commission and magician Doug Billingsley made colorful balloon animals for the delighted children. The charities gave out flyers, wrist bands and other information about their heart-felt endeavors and the atmosphere was one of true community spirit and great camaraderie.

“With everything that seems to be going wrong in the world, today was a day to forget all of that and have a lot of good old-fashioned fun,” said Drew Abruzzese, owner of the Pineville Tavern, located in the Buckingham-Wrightstown area.

“Our suppliers, such as US Foods, gave major donations and our staff all volunteered to help at the event,” Abruzzese said with great pride. “It takes a lot to get me away from away from my kids and my golf game on a Sunday; but this was more than worth it.”

Linda Kuepper, Co-Founder and CEO of the Autism Cares Foundation, was thrilled to see so many volunteers and families come out to support children, teens, and adults with autism and other special needs with their families.

“This was an amazing day. I want to thank the Pineville Tavern for hosting an outstanding event,” Kuepper said “We are honored and humbled to be chosen as one of the charities and to also be part of celebrating all of the wonderful charities here that do so much for local families. We would especially like to thank all the people who came out to support ACF, and it was a pleasure seeing everyone there!”

Tiffany Fusco, founder of Team Franky, was excited to be able to spread the word about her non-profit to help children with cancer. “This is such an amazing event and we are extremely proud to be here.”14067580_1191749654196907_6165262746257382466_n

Sharon Snyder, Founder of Kisses for Kyle, a local non-profit that helps families battling childhood cancer, was extremely excited by the large turnout.

“I was so honored that we were one of the charities chosen – and thrilled when I saw the four that were selected,” Snyder said. “I want to give hugs and kisses to each of our volunteers and supporters. It was a perfect day!”