Our Technology Vision

Technology is all around us. Most of us have computers and mobile devices which allow us to access information anywhere, anytime. We can’t seem to live without them! Well, that may not be so different for people with autism. Many people on the autism spectrum are visual learners and are drawn to these devices for a host of interests: Videos, Music, Games and internet access to name a few. So if they are interested and motivated, why not try to use it to teach them skills also? So began the journey of discovering how to customize and introduce educational content in an interactive visual way.

Our mission is to provide education for the implementation of technology into the daily lives of people with autism to enhance learning, life skill independence and communication.

The Autism Cares Foundation Technology Learning Lab was established in 2009. The environment was set up to allow parents and their children to come and learn about computers and iPods to help determine what best fits their needs. We hosted open house events and parent support nights so families can gather to further their knowledge about the benefits of mobile technology. In April 2010, we expanded to include Parent Education Seminars featuring the Apple iPad and in 2011 incorporated our innovative ‘iPad Technology Course’. In our classes, parents and children work together in a classroom setting utilizing iPad apps to create a fun and engaging learning environment. Also, throughout the year, educational seminars and focused workshops are scheduled for parents and professionals.

iPad Enrichment Program

Dedicated to using technology to assist people with autism

  • iPad Technology Course offers an opportunity for parents to work directly with their child utilizing iPad educational apps in a variety of hand chosen subjects
  • Categories include:
    • Academics
    • Independent Studies-SOCIAL
  • Keep interest by toggling between teaching opportunities and motivating rewards that keep the student attending

Enhancing Learning for Children with Special Needs


  • Anywhere, Anytime
  • Material presented in a fun, creative way increases attention
  • Customized text and photos make learning functional and relevant
  • Tools for organization, scheduling and motivation
  • Some apps can track data for you
  • Children feel ‘COOL’ and ‘fit in’

Listing of Website Resources for Special Needs Apps

Do You Have Questions About The Technology Program?

Thank you for your interest in our iPad Enrichment Programs. If you would like more information about our sessions or would like us to contact you regarding your technology issues, please complete and submit this form and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

Karen Velocci: Director of Technology

ACF Technology Programs