Dr. Wendy Ross  Dr. Wendy Ross, Developmental Pediatrician, Founder – Autism Inclusion Resources (AIR).
“It is so important to come together with an organization like the Autism Cares Foundation that really understands the need for helping families live with this diagnosis, and to spend time with people who are on the same page; helping families become successful in the same way. Do not let any label limit these children. Keep moving forward and do not give up – everything is possible. The goal is to see how independent we can get these children to be. It takes a team approach to prepare everyone. I am just someone who sees a need and trying out strategies for inclusion. The real joy in all of this is that I help kids to fly.” 

 Dr. Rob Melillo  Dr. Rob Melillo, Neurology Expert, Author and star of the The Dr. Rob Cable TV Show on WMCN44

“There is a heart to this organization that comes from the top down.  My wife, Carolyn, and I feel very good about Linda and the other people we know that have a connection to the group. We believe in this cause, and want to play a larger role in the future to help promote the ACF cause”

Dr. Jo Anne White  Dr. Jo Anne WhiteExecutive Producer and host of Power Your Life and radio shows.

“The overall message is one of openness and support for the Foundation, families, children and youth with autism. I’m very dedicated to be helping families with a member with special needs and feel that the Autism Cares Foundation provides the necessary support, education and community for families.” 

Congressman Michael Fitz  Congressman Michael Fitzpatrick:

“I want to help raise money for services and help for these special children who deserve every opportunity in life that every one of us has. Most of us have a family member or friend who is affected by autism, so I am proud to raise money for this fine organization and look forward to being involved in many successful events in the future.”

Jacqueline Laurita  Jacqueline Laurita, star of Real Housewives of New Jersey and other Bravo reality TV shows:

“I first met Linda Kuepper, (Founder and CEO of Autism Cares Foundation,) on the set of Power Your Life, with Dr. Jo Anne White, for a TV segment on raising Autism awareness. I felt instantly connected to her as we bonded over the joys and challenges of raising our children on the Autism Spectrum. 
“We both are well aware that social skills are a known challenge for children on the spectrum. Unfortunately, as of now, there aren’t many social groups for kids like ours out there that encourage that skill. Many children with special needs are left feeling isolated in their own little world away from their peers, only to connect with their family and team of therapists. This is why I love, appreciate and support the mission of ACF and how they actively provide various events and structured activities for children and young adults with autism, in a safe and secure environment. “These children are encouraged to participate, engage in, and enjoy activities that typical kids more often get to experience. The communities really get involved and come together in support of each other. Friendships are formed. Awareness, understanding and acceptance is created. It’s beautiful to see.”

Justin PughJustin Pugh, starting offensive tackle, New York Giants 

“I thought this was a great time to come home to be able to help out and do things like for the Autism Cares Foundation and be with the people who have been with me from day one – from way before I made it to the NFL. I plan to be there to support the Foundation and its families in the future.”

Kristin Arniotis  Kristin Arniotischildren’s book author, I Have Autism…And That’s Okay. 

“The Autism Cares Foundation is a true testament to what it means to focus on positivity, acceptance and love, which is what we practice in our family. It is an honor to be there to support such a wonderful cause. I would love to see Autism Cares Foundation branch out to “every city in the country so that all children with autism and their families can benefit from the services that they provide.” 

 Pattie Lerner  Pattie Lerner, owner of Sweet Megan Baking Company, Holland, Pa.

“I want to be there to help everyone who needs me, and that includes children with autism and their families. Once I found out about Linda Kuepper and the work she does, it became vital to me to use my resources to help the Autism Cares Foundation with its goals and as my company and resources grow, I plan to be there for them in any way that I can.”