We are excited to announce the opening of our Technology Learning Lab

sign at 350

Autism Cares Foundation and SI Services have partnered to open an innovative technology lab for special learners. It has been over three years since we began our Learning Lab and development of our iPad Enrichment Programs. At our new state of the art facility we will continue our focus on utilizing the iPad as a supportive tool to enhance learning. 

This lab will specialize in the analysis, research and development, and implementation of educational programs for parents and professionals to learn how to integrate the iPad into daily routines at home, school and in the community. Karen Velocci, Director of Technology for the foundation and President of SI Services, will be running the lab with assistance from the special professionals and coaches that have helped make these programs so successful.

We hope you will participate in our future events at our new lab at 350 South York Road in Hatboro, PA.    

Please click on this link to view an article from the Patch