Future plans…

Our future plans include continuing and expanding the activities as stated earlier and extending these activities beyond our base area of Richboro, Pennsylvania. This will likely be accomplished by establishing chapters of the Autism Cares Foundation so that our model can enrich the lives of those outside of our immediate area.

Future plans also include a call for developing our Autism Center of Excellence and Life Enrichment Facility.  There is a tremendous need for a facility such as this as waiting lists at existing facilities extend for many years, with no guarantee of future placement.  The Autism population in growing exponentially each year and presently there is no master plan for accommodating this expansive population.

People with autism can expect to live a full lifetime. Support needs to be established to provide permanent care after today’s care givers can no longer do so. Our vision for the future is bright, bold and broad, and very necessary to support the types of services that will be needed by the surging autism population.

By supporting the Autism Cares Foundation, we can make a difference today that will provide those needing our type of help with a brighter tomorrow.