Linda Kuepper, ACF Co-Founder frequently says, “There goes our ACF truck” with the most enthusiastic voice and widest smile. Several years ago, GasTec, a local propane company, partnered with ACF on a fundraising effort. Gastec even outfitted one of their trucks with our logo and donates a portion of their proceeds to ACF. This community connection goes much deeper with a genuine relationship of care and respect among all. Our GasTec friends bring the truck to our Annual Race for Resources so everyone can visit in person and take photos. The ACF Gala would not be the same without a table of GasTec friends to bring the party to life! We were honored to present GaTtec with the 2018 ACF CARES Award at 2018 Gala. Their devotion to community expands beyond ACF and touches many lives with their generosity. Thank you GasTec!