Autism Cares Foundation Lights Up CBS’ Talk Philly

It was a mutual admiration society when Linda Kuepper, Co-Founder and CEO of Autism Cares Foundation, was joined by local mom Nancy Jelen and her daughter, Betsy, on CBS’ Talk Philly on Thursday.

In recognition of Autism Awareness Month, each of them shared some of their personal stories and had great banter with CBS Talk Philly Co-host Pat Ciarrocchi, who asked Linda how she started the Foundation and the impact it has had on the children and young adults with autism and their families.

Betsy talked about making life-long friends at the teen prom and holidays parties and how important these connections have been for her and the other young people with autism. Nancy, who proudly sat beside her daughter, said that the 150 events that are provided by the Autism Cares Foundation each year have positively impacted the lives of all of the families involved.

Linda Kuepper also spoke about the Autism Cares Foundation Gala and Auction, a fundraising event taking place on April 18 at Spring Mill Manor in BucksCounty.

Watch the show here!