“Autism Cares Foundation’s Linda Kuepper: A Formidable Local Woman Who Leads”

By Debra Forman

Suburban Life Magazine has recently chosen ten local innovators, including Autism Cares Foundation’s Co-Founder and CEO Linda Kuepper, as its 2017 Women of the Year.

In a two-page story focusing on “Women Who Lead,” the feature details the accomplishments of local women who are leading the charge in business, philanthropy and more in their respective communities, as voted by the magazine’s readers and editors.

Driven by motherly love, Kuepper saw a void in her community, which lacked social activities and opportunities for her younger son, Michael, after he was diagnosed with autism. As a result, Kuepper, and her husband, Frank, founded the non-profit Autism Cares Foundation in 2008, to provide family-friendly social events for children, teens, and adults on the autism spectrum.

“When you have a passion to make things better, and to then actually see the progress, in both the organization and the people we are helping,” she said, “you cannot resist wanting to do even more.”